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Rana Muhammad Zafar Tahir


Dr. Khuram Ehsan

Anyone visiting Pakistan soon discovers the extraordinary sense of hospitality of the Pakistani people as well as their passion for food. In our rural areas there is a surplus of dairy products yet, unfortunately our rural areas can’t take household livestock as business even though they are dependent on livestock which is an integral part of the socio-economic activities there. However the dairy industry has flourished well in Pakistan in last few years.

Albarkah is an “Elucidation of dairy corporate business solutions”.

The name indicates that we are comprehensively involved in the well fare and development of dairy industry. Within the livestock sector, milk is the largest commodity, accounting for 51 percent of the total value of the sector in accordance with SMEDA estimates. Milk has the potential to become Pakistan’s ‘White Oil’ states a Tetra Pak CSR Report. The prime focus of the dairy entrepreneurs is high production of their animals. High production animals need lots of care, attention and use of management strategies. For this, dairy entrepreneurs face many problems related to health, nutrition, production, management, economics etc. Pakistan’s dairy sector is at an important crossroads. Milk demand is growing annually by 15 percent while supply has been increasing by only 3 to 4 percent. This ever widening demand and supply gap is going to increase to 3.6 billion liters by 2015, resulting in increasing competition for decreasing supply of milk. For fulfilling this deficiency, we need to improve our production values. We feel proud for working in this sector to overcome our national constraints and livestock production issues. For this reason I and my team is working. I and my team working for a definite purpose and we commit ourselves to work hard and present highly valuable and affordable solutions in respect of healthier and high quality products commenced with existing international quality and very standards you expect from us. We hope to contribute positively in eradicating the existing dairy problems and up left this sector in Pakistan to bring it at par with the developed world around us.

Al Barkah is focusing on efficient dairy farming in Pakistan.

I am looking forward to continue serving our client with growing enthusiasm and passion.



Our 13 years of experience in Dairy & Livestock sector. He has worked with multidimensional Live Stock avenues. He joined Dairy & Livestock Sector in 2005. He worked at a dairy farm as consultant till June 2007. He then joined sales team of Solve Agri Pak (Pvt.) Ltd. even though he was working there as a sales executive but due to his skills and capability he was managing a complete territory. In 2013 Rana Muhammad Zafar Tahir joined Barkat Dairy & Livestock Feeds (Marketed by Farm Solution Pvt. Ltd) as Territory Manager. Once again due to his skills and capability he was given responsibility of the whole Zone. He served there for 2 years and during his career with FSPL he has always been achieving more than his targets.

As CEO of the company he has achieved import of Dutch animals, introduced silage in small export quality packing, working on import of Brahman Heifers and Bulls for Slaughter purposes.

His vision is to make Pakistani farmer efficient & Self-sufficient. 














Dairy specialist having vast and practical experience in delivering services as technical resource person, master trainer, consultant and project manager in the fields related with livestock and poultry profession as well as bio energy sector with technical skills in livestock and poultry nutrition, farm planning and management, feasibility development, farm waste management, sop development, problem solving and hands-on training in dairy sector.


Khuram is an animal husbandry graduate with post-graduation in poultry husbandry from university of agriculture Faisalabad and have over 15 years of practical experience mainly in animal production & technology. He worked as a breeder farm manager in Sadiq Brothers Poultry, Rawalpindi from July 2003 to 2007. From 2007 to 2010, he worked for Pakistan dairy development company as team manager - dairy farms. He joined Solve Agri Pak in January 2011 and worked till December 2013 on different positions whereby handling the farm development, sales & after-sales services. He joined Reon Energy Limited as Assistant Manager sales in December 2013 and worked in installation and post installation service provision in bio energy systems till March 2016. He has re-joined Solve Agri Pak (Pvt.) Limited in March 2016 as Sales & Business Development Manager where he is driving the corporate sales along with handling the calf nutrition & dairy hygiene business segments. He is also key resource for company's technical expertise for dairy farm development and capacity building.


In November 2018, Khuram Ihsan joins Al-Barkah Group as National Sales Manager where he is driving the feed sales along with allied products. He is using his expertise in animal imports from usa (dairy and beef) and providing technical services to commercial farmers in nutrition, calf management, developing sops as well as capacity building of team and farms.



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