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In Pakistan the dairy and livestock sector contributes about 56.8% for the agricultural values, over 11.6% of the national GDP and 8.5% of the total exports. Over 8 million families are directly involved in dairy farming, Whereas more than 80% of them are keeping milk and meat animals at livelihood level, using traditional methods of dairy farming. Knowledge about modern farming practices is lacking in our country which eventually results in low milk and meat production, high mortality rate and morbidity rates which results in compromised quality and quantity of milk and meat. There is a necessity of productive and effective solution providers in dairy industry.

Apprehending this requirement, our company is focused on livestock and related agriculture value-added solutions. The company has a wide range of products and solutions to serve almost all needs of livestock and dairy farming in Pakistan and abroad.


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What Clients say about Al Barkah

When it comes to use the reliable milking machines for my cows and buffaloes I only recommend Al-Barkah Dairy and Livestock Feeds because they have most advanced machinery exported from different developed countries. It has been 7 consecutive years that I am still using milk machines I bought a time ago from Al-Barkah.

Ch. Sammad (Cattle Farmer)

I have been using Al-Barkah Dairy & Livestock Feeds for last 3 years after which the milk growth of my cows has grown up to 38%. I highly recommend my farmer friends to use Al-Barkah products for their cattle.

M. Akbar (Dairy Farmer)

Working with Albarkah, I admire and appreciate terrific efforts done by Al-Barkah team in improving the management and production of my dairy venture. It’s simply fantastic to think that the efforts done by experts from Albarkah group being held in respect and people care.

Ali Akbar (Commercial Dairy Farmer)

I am satisfied with the commitment and quality of Al-Barkah silage. The technical team guided me in such a manner that even a novice like me get good results from my fattening animals. I recommend the farmers to purchase silage from Albarkah Group of Companies.

Muhammad Wasif (Fattening Farmer)

I am working as distributor of Albarkah feeds since last 3 years. I supplied Albarkah Feeds to different farms and found it very palatable to animals and increasing the milk production and helps in maintaining help and reproduction of dairy cattle and buffalo.

Nadir Ali (Distributor Feed)